Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Where is the Money?

Why is it that people with money say money doesn't matter? Sometimes I believe that not having money stops people from achieving the lifestyle they really desire. I know God can provide our needs, but it is the “wants” I am concern about.  I know unless I change the way I think I will always feel this way (financially hopeless), but how do I change my thinking when the circumstances of lack are staring me in the face. I know I shouldn't, but I look at the next man and compare. I work just as hard as he, look just as good, and pray just as much, so what is wrong with this picture. He is driving around in a Maseratie and I am in a hooptie. He has over a million dollars in his checking account, and I owe the bank money on fees charged for overdrafts. People that say money does not matter may not understand how it feels to always have to figure out how to make ends meet. I have to juggle bills like a circus clown. I put on an award-winning performance when people asked how I’m doing. I am doing wonderful, I say with a smile. But am I? I feel like I have a hole in my heart, because I am constantly buried in debt. I often get a snapshot of how my financial situation really is (tornado aftermath), and I am finding it even more difficult to remember or follow my dreams.

Let’s clean up the spirit:

In order to change your circumstances, you have to change the way you think, feel, and behavior.

Change thinking: The easiest way to change your thinking is to change one thought at a time. You can decide what you want to think about, and when a negative thought come in the mind, delete it and think about a desired thought. You can do affirmations to help change how you think about yourself.

Change feelings: The best way to change how you feel is to do an activity you love. Trust that God can change your circumstances.

Change behavior: Get out and enjoy nature and music. Hang around positive people and observe beautiful places. This is a form of allowing God to fix the financial situation. Pray for what you want and allow the plan to be carried out.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

End Depression and Feel Better

It is a known fact that people’s mood change with life circumstances and physical changes. They experience days where they are not feeling well. One of those days, they just want to lie in the bed and do nothing for a week. However, most people’s lifestyles do not offer that option. As a result, they have to either go to work, in the community, or stay at home feeling miserable while spreading negative energy to others. When or if they notice that no one wants to be around them, they become angry making that a part of the excuse for their misery. This is a contagious mindset to be in, because this mindset leads to unfavorable health conditions which cause people to fall into deeper levels of depression. They end up making disrespectful comments to others and end up making poor decisions. What should individuals in this situation do to feel better? How can they end this snowball effect of mental defeat?

Let’s clean up the spirit by improving thinking, increasing energy, and connecting spiritually.

Improving your thinking:

One way to improve your thinking is to become a detective. Start questioning where the thoughts are coming from. Are they your thoughts? Is the thought something you truly believe? Then, determine whether or not the thoughts are accurate. Was she really angry with you? Or, is she just having a bad day? Did he intentionally hurt you? Or, was he just being silly?

Increasing your energy:

You can increase your energy to feel better by changing your diet, exercising, and meditating. Try eating a healthy diet loaded with fruits and vegetables to encourage and promote a pleasant mood and positive thinking. Research what foods will provide healing benefits. For example, St. John Warts helps improve mild to moderate depression. Learn how to grow vegetables and prepare meals that require minimum cooking. Try to eat lots of raw vegetables. Finally, start exercising at least three times a week. Exercising has been proven to increase energy and improve the body’s overall health. Remember to consult with your doctor before following the any recommendations.

Connecting Spiritually:

Meditating is a wonderful way to calm the mind and shut off the thoughts. Quieting the mind is a technique that allows the mind and brain to take a break. This helps you to better control thought processes and helps to eliminate negative thoughts that cause psychological and physical harm. Meditating is also an excellent way to connect with self.

Take care and feel better!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

When friends turn their back on you

Sometimes the most hurtful thing in life is getting betrayed by someone close to you. It feels like the ultimate stab in the back. It is expected that in life sometimes people get hurt and even hurt others, but what catches us off guard is when it comes from someone (a close friend) that we did not expect to behave in that manner. In the moment managing the feelings of a broken heart, it seems difficult to trust and freely share again, because you realize that people are not as for coming as you are. These so-called friends compete, conceal, and lie while you give, share, and love. As a result, it becomes difficult to figure out what to do.

Let’s clean up the spirit

To resolve the situation, you have to do three things: acknowledge, reflect, and forgive.

Acknowledge: You first have to acknowledge the hurt. Some people are in denial when dealing with hurtful situations. They say they don’t care when in actuality they are really hurting inside. They may also say that they don’t need friends anyway when in essence we all need each other. It is wise to be honest by staying aware of your feelings and acknowledging how hurt you really are so that you can move on to the next step to healing.

Reflect: Second, you have to reflect. Take a moment to think about the lesson you learned and what part you may have played in the situation. You may have displayed similar characteristics as the friend. Those selfish characteristics cause people of a similar nature to stick around you. Or, you may be enabling others to take advantage of you by not saying “no” or not teaching people how to treat you. Whatever the reason, you must reflect in order effectively complete the next step.

Forgiveness: Finally, you have to eventually forgive. Forgiving the person is an act of letting go. It makes no sense to keep anger, bitterness, resentment inside, because those toxic feelings cause harmful affects on you not the person who hurt you.

Take care and continue to clean up the spirit!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Art of Tithing

Tithing is giving away at least 1 to 10% of what you own. You can give more if it is in your heart or budget. You can give the money to individuals or charities. When you give in this manner, it comes back many times over. God will make sure that you get it back in return, plus more. Don’t wait until you earn more money before you start giving. You must give something away even if you are down to your last dollar. Giving is a form of philanthropy, so you cannot wait until you are wealthy to start giving back. People have to balance giving and receiving. If you have a difficult time with giving money away, it can be because you don’t trust God. Trust that God will take care of you by supplying all your needs. Start giving today!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Have a long lasting life and enjoy living well

The most essential part of creating an enriched life is to change the mindset. The mind affects the mood. Therefore, the mindset dictates how you perceive your life and influences how you respond to life circumstances. Changing your mindset may not be easy, but you could “lean in it” by making gradual changes. Start with something as simple as changing your posture to promote a confident attitude and pleasant mood. It does not take much to adjust the way you sit or stand. Changing how you see your environment or changing the environment itself could change your mood. Changing your perception could help increase your energy level as well.

Although it takes more discipline and effort, changing your diet could also enhance your mood. Having a vibrate diet is the key to clarity and emotional intelligence. There are so many diets that claim to change your life. Any healthy diet would work, but the key to getting its benefits is to put it to work. Try the super foods that provide benefits such as a healthy heart, managed weight, a long life, flexibility, reduced stress, and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. A diet enriched in the nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants promote long-lasting health benefits. Super foods consisting of raw and whole foods such as fish, vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, olive oil, red wine, and spices sustains the youthful and energetic lifestyle. This mineral rich diet helps to lower blood pressure, get rid of inflammation. Juicing is the easiest way to get in the proper amount of nutrients required daily. However, we cannot forget to add the intake of water to solidify this diet. Water with minerals in it is essential for maximum hydration.

Finally but certainly not least, exercising is essential for our overall health. Therefore, a daily exercise routine is necessary for a healthy body and to manage a sufficient energy level. Pick a certain time to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and stick with it. If you do the suggestions, you will live and feel better. Live your life!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

There are ways to deal with Asperger’s syndrome

Children diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome have social difficulty in relationships. They may have trouble being around other people. They may have difficulty to make friends. They make not gasp social cues or facial expressions. They cannot read what is happening or going on socially. They may also have a hard time reading body language. They interpret things too literally, and are unable to gasp the implication of something. Children diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome may do risky things and not understand how their behavior affects other people. They do not understand the emotional consequences of the affects of their behavior. For example, they may say something to hurt someone’s feelings and not knowing or without intending on that to happen. They may not understand why people are uncomfortable or they often do not understand the context of what people are saying.

Figure out the problem
  •  Assist the child in understand sarcasm and feelings. Example: The child may not understand why or when a person is being rude to him or when he is being rude to someone else.
  •  Have the child write down his problems.

How does your child learn
  • Find out how the child learns best.
  • Give specific instructions.

Facial expressions
  • Teach what they mean.
  • Celebrate the little victories.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Teach Children Self-Control

Teach child to have empathy for others:
Assist him with processing how people feel sad when he hits them (For example, Travis you hurt mom when you pull her hair. Mom feels sad when you do that. Show Travis a picture of a sad face.)

Teach child how to control his anger:
Associate the anger with what happen (For example, Travis is angry because he could not go outside).

Reduce the amount of Television:
Does child what a lot of TV (This can cause anger if he is watching the wrong programs.)

Play with and observe child:
So that he could reveal what is making him angry.

As responsible adults, demonstrate appropriate anger control in front of child:
Do not argue in front of child.

Find out what makes child angry:
Frustration, hungry, pain, and embarrassed

How can parents assist child in managing his anger?
Talk to the child
Get him to tell you why he is angry
Help child process what happened

Monday, December 1, 2014

Follow the Light

Why do you mess with me with me,
Is it because I am chosen?
I’m walking towards the light,
While God is shaping and molding.

Maybe it’s because I love Him.
Staying loyal to Him,
Assures me
You can’t win!

Why does it feel like a gift and a curse?
I guess I know how God feels,
With His creation called Earth.

I accept my calling.
But why does it hurt so much,
When everything around you
Starts falling?

Most of us call that growth,
Can you hear the pain in the words
I just spoke?

Crying inside all the time,
As the natural eye sees the outside
Looking just fine.

Turning the other cheek,
Starts to get old.
God says do it son,
So I do as I’m told.

But you say get even,
And get revenge.
Manipulating my mind,
Just to kill me in the end.

I hear well though,
So I recognize the voices.
The difference between the two,
That brings about different choices

So even though some go left,
I choose to go right.
Everyone in the dark,
Will soon or later come into the light!